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Pergola Designs

For those who don’t know, a pergola is essentially an outdoor room that has crossing rafters without any walls, which helps allow natural light to shine in.  Let our design experts go over some pergola designs with you or customize a pergola design specifically for your space.  Pergola’s are the perfect area to relax in, have a nice meal outside, or just simply to admire your outside space.  While pergolas are normally bigger than an arbor, they are typically freestanding, but you can have them customized and attached to other buildings, such as your house, as well.

If you happen to live in an area where there is more sun, adding a lattice to your pergola is a great way to increase the amount of shade it creates, as well as for climbing vines.  One of the best parts of having a pergola is that it is a freestanding structure.  This means that there will be no complicated connections to other buildings or objects around your yard.  Here are some of the top benefits of having a customized pergola designed for you in your backyard.

Maximize Your Outdoor Space with Custom Pergola Covers

When you have pergola covers designed to enhance your backyard, you will also be maximizing the amount of your outdoor space as well.  You can easily add some outdoor furniture and know that it will be semi – protected from the elements.  Add some custom lighting and this outdoor space will allow you to enjoy the beautiful evenings we experience in Colorado during the spring, summer, and fall months. We can help create the best pergola design for your space.

Pergolas Can Be Free-Standing

When you have a pergola designed for your outdoor space, you are not just giving yourself a nice place to hang around under, but you are also creating visual interest.  This is especially true if you plan on having any fragrant and flowering vines grow on the vertical posts or over the rafters on top.  And if you wanted to customize your pergola even more, you can easily hang planters or any number of other design pieces as well.

Design Your Own Pergola

Having a pergola designed for you has a huge advantage that other options do not.  When you have a pergola designed, you can determine the amount of sun and shade that your pergola is going to provide.  Once you know the area of your yard, the seasons, the times of day you plan on using it, and the angle the sun shines into it, you can adjust the rafters to accommodate.  If you want more sun, adjust the rafters to allow more sun in.  Want more shade?  Adjust the rafters to block out more sun.  You are in charge as you get to choose the amount of sunlight and shade that your pergola is going to provide.

Pergola Designs - Customized To Your Space

While the option to do-it yourself is always on the table, with some things it just pays to have it done by a professional.  This is one of those times.  A professional will be able to custom design your pergola to fit your individual yard, as well as design it for exactly the purpose you intend to use it for.

When it comes to enhance your yard, having a customized pergola designed and built for you is almost a no-brainer.  The benefits you will receive once your pergola is installed will far outweigh any negatives that there may be and provide you with many years of happiness.

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Green Valley Ranch Landscaper is an amazing company. Very professional and full of talented people! My backyard project turned out absolutely beautiful. They took great care with making sure each step was explained thoroughly from start to finish. The design team was excellent and helpful picking out the Stone Pavers and Water Feature. The team were the BEST making sure we were comfortable and excited each step of the way. If you have a landscape project I would highly recommend Green Valley Ranch Landscaper for any of your outside needs."
Carol S.


Green Valley Ranch Landscaper is committed to providing the best service in landscape design and creation. They are dedicated to working with the customer in creating the perfect landscape. Through creative design, on time performance and excellent communication, Green Valley Ranch Landscaper designed and built our wonderful landscape, which includes beautiful walkways, a Waterfall to a natural pond and outstanding Landscape lighting. We consider Green Valley Ranch Landscaper the absolute best!"
Carla W.

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