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Why You Need Landscape Lighting

If you have ever taken a walk through your neighborhood at night, chances are that you have noticed how the yards that were not lit up, plain look uninviting.  Yes, there are the holidays where you probably light your house up like a Christmas tree.  But even after the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean that all of the lights outside your house need to be removed.  In fact, by adding a couple of strategically placed landscape lights, you can easily make a huge difference and have the most inviting house on your block.

No, you don’t need to leave Christmas lights up all year.  But by switching to other, more stylish landscape lighting such as fiber optic lighting, spotlights, path lights, etc., you will be turning your yard into something you can be proud of.

Still not convinced?  Here are some of the top reasons why you should start using landscape lighting for your yard.

Landscape Lighting Will Help Make Your Home More Appealing

No matter how amazing your house looks during the daytime, if your house is dark during the night, it can look unwelcoming and unattractive.  This unwelcoming look can easily be fixed by adding some lights that are strategically placed in certain areas around the yard.  When you add landscape lighting to your yard, you will be transforming your house into a welcoming, warm place to be.  And the neat thing about it is that this will happen instantly.  Plus, when you light up your yard, your home will look just as good during the night as it looks during the day.

  • Path Lighting – This provides a safe route for your family or guests to use when traveling through the backyard.
  • Flood Lighting – These illuminate your home’s best feature, whether it’s a statue, fountain, or beautiful oak tree.
  • Downlighting – Do you have a feature in your backyard you’d like to showcase? Downlighting illuminates from an elevated location and highlights the surface area below.
  • Shadow Lighting – For dimensional lighting, choose shadow lighting which emits a light onto a surface that is in front of another object. This object can be a wall, garage, tree or any other stationary item.
  • Uplighting – If your backyard is full of unique and beautiful tress, you should consider installing uplighting! This illuminates the tree from below, accentuating its distinctive features.

Landscape Lighting Increases Your Home’s Value

If you would like to raise the profile and value of your house, adding landscape lighting is an extremely easy and cheap way to do it.  In fact, when you add landscape lighting, it can add up to 20% to the estimated value of your property.  Depending upon what you decide to do with your landscape lighting, it can get expensive, but when you consider the increase in value, as well as how much beautiful your house is going to look, it makes it all worth it.

Landscape Lighting Adds Security

While an unlit house looks uninviting to most, but it is very inviting for burglars.  By incorporating landscape lighting, you will also be improving the security of your home as well.  Setting up your landscape lights to maximize their coverage and still look good may sound like a tough task, when you work with a professional landscape lighting professional, they will be able to walk you through the process and design something that will check all the boxes for you.

Security – Looking to improve the security of your home? Let us design a system of accent lights to compliment the exterior of your home and provide security from unwanted guests. Our design will illuminate your home without any bothersome glares to disturb your family, neighbors, or guests.

Safety – Use outdoor lighting to improve home-safety and provide easy navigation around your home. You will no longer have to worry about your guests tripping over rocks or your garden hose.

Landscape Lighting Creates Entertaining Space

Nobody wants to hangout in the dark.  When you add landscape lighting to your yard, you are automatically creating an entertaining space that you can use all night long.  On top of that, the right type of landscape lighting will set the mood, as well as help to keep the bugs away.

If you have a yard that isn’t lit up at night, landscape lighting is the perfect way to fix that.  Just be sure to speak with a local landscape lighting professional to make sure that you get the exactly what you are looking for.

Beauty – Create a custom-designed landscape that makes your home stand out from the rest in the neighborhood with tree uplighting, driveway lights, spot lighting, garden lights, and more!

Usability – Without proper lighting, your outdoor gatherings will be cut short. Keep your parties going late into the night with landscape lighting.

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Green Valley Ranch Landscaper is an amazing company. Very professional and full of talented people! My backyard project turned out absolutely beautiful. They took great care with making sure each step was explained thoroughly from start to finish. The design team was excellent and helpful picking out the Stone Pavers and Water Feature. The team were the BEST making sure we were comfortable and excited each step of the way. If you have a landscape project I would highly recommend Green Valley Ranch Landscaper for any of your outside needs."
Carol S.


Green Valley Ranch Landscaper is committed to providing the best service in landscape design and creation. They are dedicated to working with the customer in creating the perfect landscape. Through creative design, on time performance and excellent communication, Green Valley Ranch Landscaper designed and built our wonderful landscape, which includes beautiful walkways, a Waterfall to a natural pond and outstanding Landscape lighting. We consider Green Valley Ranch Landscaper the absolute best!"
Carla W.

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